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Galactic Castaways is a book coming end of 2013 for you! Get ready to know.

UFO's, Reptilians, Time Travel, Area 51, conspiracy, past, present and future, wars, first contact and much more.
Book Coming Soon! Galactic Castaways!

A teaser of the book to come that looks like is going to be called Galactic Castaways by Zest Writings Productions (TM) ZWP

I have many books that I want to get done in the years to come and some are going to be self-help guides pertaining to important topics, a Romance Series, I hope everyone loves that I've had in mind 10 or more years now and yes, it pertains to a Prince but with a twist yet first, I am going to bring book one of Galactic Castaways editor Ron M. who is fantastic in editing.

In need for an E-Cig to assist me with my efforts to stop smoking, I had decided to take a walk on this particularly cold May evening. It was on my way back home that I happened upon something very odd. Nestled behind a hedge of bushes with freshly blooming, aromatic flowers, a bright radiant light shone. Despite feeling suddenly scared for no apparent reason, with my heart pounding so intensely it felt like it was trying to escape the confines of my chest, I felt strangely compelled to further investigate the origins of this light. Instincts told me the source of this light did not derive from something as simply explained as the headlights of a car, or any other earthly explanation for that matter. I quickened my pace on the sidewalk so to reach the point where the hedge ended that would allow me access behind. Stepping around the hedge, I immediately saw the source of the radiant light, and I instantly froze in my tracks. It was a flat, oval shaped object, with a glowing white light emanating from a liquid that flowed smoothly as it circulated around its edges. Two entities, attired in full uniform and headgear, emerged and stepped out of the object! Thus began my journey with the galactic castaways, revealing unbelievable goings-on in our present day world, which would occasionally even rival happenings in the 29th century. Hence, our story begins?.

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